Firefighter's Competition

Sunday – 1:00 pm in Courtland Field


Three Volunteer Fire Departments participated: Appomattox, Forest and Pamplin/Concord team was a combination team made up of members from both departments.
Combat Challenge:
1st Forest
2nd Appomattox
3rd Pamplin/Concord
Bucket Brigade:
1st Forest
2nd Appomattox
3rd Pamplin/Concord
1st Appomattox
2nd Pamplin/Concord
3rd Forest
Water Battle:
1st Pamplin/Concord
2nd Forest
3rd Appomattox
1st Forest Volunteer Fire Department
2nd Appomattox Volunteer Fire Department
3rd Pamplin/Concord Volunteer Fire Departments
The Firefighters Competition was sponsored and organized by Adam Conner and the Pamplin Volunteer Fire Department.