2022 Parade

Everybody loves a parade!

Eeach year, thousands of people gather along the streets of downtown Appomattox to watch one of the premier events of the Railroad Festival.

The Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival would like to invite you to participate in this year’s parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Railroad Festival. The parade will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2022. The parade will begin at 9:30 am at Appomattox Elementary School and travel through downtown Appomattox and end at AES. The parade route is approximately 2 miles long from start to finish.

Participants are asked to theme/decorate their entry in one of the following ideas: Railroad, Patriotic, Autumn or Nostalgic (remember, this is the 50th). Prizes will be awarded for the Most Creative Float. Please mark on your entry form if you would like for your float to be judged.

There is no fee to participate; however, a parade application must be completed and returned to the festival committee. Parade entries will be assigned an entry number that must be displayed in the upper right corner of the windshield. You should plan to arrive around 8:30 am for lineup. Parade Marshals and Volunteers will assist you with locating your place in the lineup. Participants will have designated parking areas.

Attached you will find a copy of the Conditions of Parade Participation, a map of the parade route and a parade application. As a reminder, operators of any motorized vehicles in the parade must have a valid driver’s license.

For more information, you can contact Bobby Swanberg, Parade Chairman at (434) 352-7191 Monday – Friday: 9:00 -4:00)

We look forward to having you participate.

Bobby Swanberg, Parade Chairman

Conditions of Parade Participation

(1) The participating organization shall indemnify and hold harmless the Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival from all claims for injury to or the death of any person and for damage to or the loss of any property arising out of or attributed directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, to the participation of the organization and its member participants in the parade.

(2) Participants shall follow all instructions of the Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival, or their designees, including law enforcement officers, to ensure the parade takes place in an orderly fashion which does not endanger the health or safety of participants or spectators.

(3) The individual(s) listed as operators of the float and/or motorized vehicles, who are licensed driver(s), shall be the only person(s) operating the float/vehicle. Operators shall obey all traffic laws and, in addition, shall not exceed a speed of 5 miles per hour or the maximum safe speed for the conditions, whichever is less, during the parade. Floats are subject to inspection and approval of the Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival, or their designees, including law enforcement officers, who may remove a float from participation in the parade upon a determination that the operation, design or construction of the float constitutes a hazard to the health or safety of participants or spectators.

(4) Participants shall not throw candy or any other items from the vehicles into the crowd, as this may create a risk of injury to spectators. If participants wish to distribute candy or other items, they shall hand the items directly to spectators. Participants shall not commit any acts that endanger the health or safety of participants or spectators. The Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival, or their designees, including law enforcement officers, may remove a participant or his/her organization from participating in the parade upon a determination that such participation constitutes or will constitute a hazard to the health or safety of participants or spectators.

(5) Only those individuals listed on the parade application shall be permitted to participate in the parade. No other participants shall take part in the parade without approval, in writing, by the Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival, or their designee prior to the beginning of the parade.

(6) By his/her signature on the parade application form, the representative agrees to ensure that all participants in his/her organization comply with the conditions of parade participation listed above and, with proper lawful authority, binds his/her organization to such conditions.

(7) All horse entries shall provide their own equipment to clean up after their horse(s) before and after the parade. Any horse and/or rider that CAN NOT control their horse during the parade route will be asked to exit the parade.

(8) All entries with children participating SHALL HAVE ADEQUATE ADULT SUPERVISION, as determined by the Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival, or their designee.

(9) Elected officials and candidates for political office (collectively “politicians”) are permitted to participate in the parade. However, politicians shall not display campaign signage during the parade except on the vehicle in which the politician is riding. Each politician participating shall be limited to one vehicle in the parade