Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival

October 14-15, 2017

Vendor applications for this year are available on the Forms page!

Join us for the 45th Annual Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival!

This year in memory of "Skeeter" Robertson

We have a lot of exciting things going on this year. Starting with some great music!

The Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival Board of Directors thanks all the committee chairmen and members for their year round dedication to the Festival planning. The Festival just doesn't happen overnight or by itself.
Thanks to all the sponsors and businesses that give so generously. Your continued support is appreciated.
Many thanks to the many volunteers that step up. They are always the lifeline of any event.
A super, special thank you to the dedicated and efficient Town crew for the fantastic job they always do.
Thanks to everyone !

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2016 Historic Appomattox Railroad Festival Scholarships!

One $1500 scholarship was awarded to graduating seniors from each of the Appomattox County schools. They were chosen to receive this year's scholarships based on outstanding community service.

This year's recipients are:

  • Chelsea Roberts & Michelle Butler from Appomattox Christian Academy shared the award.
  • Chelsea, Michelle & Tony

  • Tiana Hubbard from Appomattox County High School
  • Tiana Hubbard & Tony Clifton

  • Jane Hubler from Cornerstone Christian Academy.
  • Jane Hubler & Tony Clifton

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